Request Support for At Home Resources

  • If you are having trouble from home with accessing any of the resources outlined in the pages below, you can submit a Tech Help Ticket.  This will be routed to district IT staff who will attempt to help. Please understand that we are generally equipped for on-site support and usually through teaching staff. However, in the unique circumstances that we all find ourselves in, we are wanting to help in any way we can. Please be patient as we attempt to take on issues approximately as they come in.

    Create a Support Request for At Home Use of Technology

Technical Guidance for Access to Resources

  • Most of our systems are accessed via Google Logins. These logins allow "pass-through" functionality to the actual resource. For example, once you are logged into Google, you can go directly to TypingAgent and it will recognize who you are based on the logged-in Google account.

    Some of our systems have to pass through a system called Clever. Clever is a system that allows some additional information to pass to the actual resource. For example, students can access RosettaStone through Clever and it knows which language to provide to them. Ironically, the login for Clever is via Google.

    Access to the Google account is key for accessing many of these resources. If your child does not yet have a Google account, you can make a request for one. Review this permission form (Spanish version), sign off, and send it to Sally Boyer in the district IT office. If you cannot scan or take a photo of it to send back, you can call 503-673-7013 and someone in the IT office should be able to help.

    Once we flag the student for a Google account, it will take a few hours for the Google account to get activated. Some systems will be available immediately, others could take until the next morning.

    In order to most smoothly access most resources, it would be best to make sure that any personal (home) Google account is logged out first. Normally, this can be done by clicking on the Google Profile avatar in the top right of the browser and selecting log out.

    Next step would be to access Google Drive using the student's school-provided Google account. Here are links that make it easier to login for each school:


    Boeckman Creek Primary Athey Creek Middle
    Boones Ferry Primary Inza Wood Middle
    Bolton Primary Meridian Creek Middle
    Cedaroak Park Primary Rosemont Ridge Middle
    Lowrie Primary  
    Stafford Primary Arts & Technology High
    Sunset Primary West Linn High
    Trillium Creek Primary Wilsonville High
    Willamette Primary ***  All Staff ***


    Passwords to student accounts start as the capital letter "P" followed by that student's 6-digit ID number. Many students have changed their password though. If you need a student's password changed because they have forgotten it, call 503-673-7013 and we will be able to reset it.

    Once you are successfully logged into the student's Google account, access to many of the resources is fairly smooth.

    Note that in in order to be fully logged out of any of the Google-accessed systems, you need to log out of the Google account in a similar fashion to how you logged out of any personal (home) accounts.

Alternative Resources for Internet Access

  • The following suggestions may provide families internet access at home:

    • If you have a modern cell phone, it is very likely able to function as a hotspot. If you need help with that, you can call your service provider. The steps vary by provider and phone.
    • Many local Internet providers have initiated free programs to help during these times. We can't guarantee that your local companies have such a program but they just might. It is worth a call to your local phone company (think of who would give you an old-fashioned landline) or your local cable TV company. This would be the best option in most cases — free and possibly the best quality of service.
    • Comcast recently announced that they have opened free access to all of their "public" hotspots - Go to, click on "Find a Hotspot", enter your zip code, and you will get a map of the areas where this should be available.
    • Comcast also has their Internet Essentials program that they are offering to qualified homes for no charge for two months. More information is available at

    Utilize Public WiFi:

    • Every school and city building (like the public library, adult community center, and city hall) has "Public WiFi" available to its citizens. They will need to accept the EULA and their device will have access for the day. WiFi outside of buildings in parking lots may be available. The following public parks in West Linn also have public WiFi:
      • Fields Bridge Park
      • Willamette Park
      • Tanner Creek Park
      • Sunset Park
      • Marylhurst Heights Park
      • Hammerle Park