• Internship Pathways Program is Seeking Partnerships

    The Internship Pathways is a career-based learning program where high school youth gain hands-on introductory work experience at a local non-profit organization or government agency. Internships are typically unpaid structured volunteer experiences and do not lead to employment at the end of the internship.

    A student learns job specific skills, build their resume, and explore a career path.
    In addition, after logging 30 hours at the internship site and completing career-based assignments a student earns .5 elective high school credit


    There are three ways that an organization or community member can participate in the Internship Pathways program.

    1. HOST- provide a career-based internship experience at your organization
                  (a 30 hour experience or a 15 hour experience split with another organization)
    2. MENTOR- guide a high school student while they participate in an internship 
                  (a 3-5 hour commitment)
    3. SUPPORT-  An intern by allowing a high school student to interview you about your career journey
                  (a 15-30 minute phone interview)

    We are seeking the following career areas for internship experiences:

    • Agriculture, Food and Natural Resource Systems
    • Arts, Info and Communication
    • Business and Management
    • Health Sciences
    • Human Resources
    • Industrial and Engineering Systems


    We are seeking professionals in the following areas to mentor students and to allow student interviews.

    • Graphic Design
    • Journalism
    • Photography
    • Web Design

    If you are interested in participating please contact Laura Nappi, Internship Coordinator,
    (503)673-7000 ext 6348, email NappiL@wlwv.k12.or.us