How It Works

  • Work Experience is an opportunity for students to earn credit for working outside of school. If you are currently working at an afterschool job you may earn additional credit for your work during the school year and summer.  Work Experience is an innovative way to support students with high school completion and their enthusiasm to join the work world.
    Please contact Michelle Averill in the school office if you would like to sign up for Work Experience Credit.

    How it Works

    • .5 credit per of 90 hours documented work.
    • Any paid work position where academic and career-related skills are being learned.
    • Work experience is graded pass/fail; a letter grade is not offered.
    • Earn up to two credits total.

    Process Outline

    • Initial meeting with student and ATHS Counselor or Principal
    • Student completes Work Experience credit application
    • The employer is contacted by school staff to verify employment
    • Student turns in work hours each month the ATHS staff (Copy of W-2 showing hours or timesheet)
    • When a student has logged 90 hours, the employer is contacted to complete a student evaluation
    • ATHS staff reviews evaluation with the student
    • The student prepares for presentation (updates resume, written reflection)
    • Student presentation to ATHS staff