How It Works

  • If you are currently working at an afterschool job you may earn an additional .5 elective credit for every 120 hours you work during the school year.   You can earn 1 credit during your high school years.   Work Experience is an innovative way to support students with high school completion and their enthusiasm to join the work world.

    General Guidelines

    • .5 credit per minimum 120 hours documented work
    • Any paid work position where academic and career related skills are being learned.
    • Work experience is graded pass/fail; a letter grade is not offered.


    Process Outline

    1. Student sets up initial meeting with ATHS staff
    2. Student completes
      1. Work Experience credit application
      2. Parent Transportation Agreement (if leaving the school day for work)
    3. Employer is contacted by school staff, sent overview of Work Experience Credit program
    4. Student turns in work hours each month the ATHS staff (photo copies of pay stubs and online monthly tally form)
    5. When student has logged 60 hours, employer is contacted to complete student evaluation
    6. ATHS staff reviews evaluation with student
    7. When 120 hours is logged, employer is contacted to complete student evaluation
    8. Student prepares for presentation (update resume, written reflection)
    9. Student presentation to  ATHS staff