• At ATHS we approach assessment and reporting as an important part of a student’s understanding of his/her progress as a learner, as well as a tool for communicating progress to parents, colleges, and the community. In order to ensure that grades accurately reflect students learning we are implementing proficiency-based grading system in all our classes. This system separates academic grades from reports on student behavior.

    In class students will receive descriptive feedback that supports revision and improvement of assignments in order to meet learning targets. Rubrics generated for specific learning targets will help students gauge their learning and work toward meeting learning targets. The following general system is used to reflect learning and ability to use content, concepts and skills in courses.

    On a daily basis students are involved in individual and group learning activities. All activity in the classroom is directly connected to the Learning Targets for the class. Each day students are aware of the long term and supporting Learning Targets that are being addressed by the learning activity. Students track their progress toward proficiency in learning targets in the classroom on a weekly basis. Teachers commit to providing multiple opportunities to reach each target in every grading period.

    Friday Study Hall, offered every other Friday during Crew, are required study periods guided by teachers.  Students are grouped by teachers according to the subject area that needs most attention.; Student progress is tracked and if students are not making progress towards learning targets additional required study periods are assigned.

    Report cards are sent home formally after the first semester and at the end of the school year. Teachers create bi-weekly progress reports for each student, documenting progress towards learning targets for the class and personal management skills. Additionally, marks showing progress towards meeting learning targets are accessible through PASS on the school website. Please contact the teacher first if there is ever a question regarding a mark or grade.