Types of Learning Targets

  • Knowledge -- Knowledge, facts, concepts to be learned outright or retrieved using reference materials

    ·         I can describe the role DNA/RNA play in the cell cycle.


    Reasoning - Thinking proficiencies – using knowledge to solve a problem, make a decision, plan, etc.

    ·         I can explain how the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire changed America’s perceptions about workplace safety and government regulation of industry.

    Skills - Behavioral demonstrations where the doing is what is important; using knowledge and reasoning to perform skillfully.

    ·         I can keep a daily reflective journal over a three week period.


    Craftsmanship - Craftsmanship targets help students better understand a particular medium and are often associated with arts or technology. These craftsmanship targets are from a middle school expedition on wolves:

    ·         I can apply the elements of color, shape, and line in my wolf illustration to correctly convey how a wolf looks.

    ·         I can select and use tools and techniques that enhance a viewer’s understanding of how a wolf looks.


    Character - Character targets name what is expected of students related to performance character (traits that enable students to perform to their potential) and relational character (traits that enable students to work well with others). In a middle school expedition focused on healthy choices, two character targets for the investigation on obesity and eating disorders are:

    ·         I can use feedback to improve my sustainable nutrition plan. (Performance)

    ·         I can care for my classmates by using language that helps, not hurts. (Relational)