Proficiency Scale


    ATHS Proficiency Scale


    Not Proficient – There is a lack of evidence to determine proficiency.


    Beginning Proficiency - The work indicates a distinct beginning understanding of the knowledge. With help the student demonstrates partial understanding of some of the knowledge.


    Developing Proficiency – The work demonstrates some evidence of understanding the process or content, but misconstructions impede understanding.  The groundwork for comprehension is evident, but misconceptions prevent the student from understanding the essential question or big idea.


    Proficient – The work shows understanding of the process or content, as well as application in various settings.  Some errors or mechanical mistakes may exist but do not impede demonstration of understanding.


    Highly Proficient – The work demonstrates excellent understanding of concepts and content.  The work demonstrates in-depth inferences, analysis, or synthesis.  The student knows this concept of skill well enough to be able to teach it to someone else.