• ATHS Attendance Policy demonstrates to students that:

    Good attendance and punctuality are fundamental to success in life.
    A significant part of a student’s experience in any given subject area is derived from being in attendance for classroom instruction, discussion,and participation.
    Good attendance reduces the amount of make-up work to be completed, reduces stress, and optimizes opportunities for learning.

    Students are expected to attend school every day.  If a student is sick, he or she should stay home and a parent or guardian should call school before 9:30 to report the absence.

    Appropriate Excused Absences or Tardy

    Students in the West Linn-Wilsonville School District are expected to attend school regularly. Students may be excused for illness, severe weather, extenuating circumstances and for the observance of religious holidays.It is expected that students meet the assignments missed.

    Consequences for Unexcused Absences

    1st & 2nd Offenses

    Lunch detention assigned by Principal. Parents notified by School Office.

    3rd Offense

    Lunch detention assigned by Principal.  Loss of off-campus privilege for one week. Parent notified by Principal. 

    4th Offense

    Lunch detention assigned by Principal.  Loss of off-campus privilege for one week.

    5th+ Offense

    Suspended out of school pending a parent conference.

    Class Attendance Expectations

    In order to start class on time, maximize learning, and respect every teacher’s preparation and work.

    No student will leave any classroom for the first 20 minutes of class.

    Students should ask permission from the teacher to leave class.

    Students can leave the classroom a maximum of one time during a class period.

    Students should take no more that 5 minutes for a restroom/water fountain visit.

    Consequence for missing class and the opportunity to learn

    Exceeding the 5 minutes out of the class during class time earns 1 lunch detention.

    Leaving class without permission or leaving during the first 20 minutes of class earns 1 lunch detention
    Tardy to class more than one time in a week earns 1 lunch detention.
    An unexcused absence earns 1 lunch detention.
    Asked to leave class for behavioral issues earns 1 lunch detention.