Mobile Phones and other Electronic Devices

  • Many student-owned electronic devices can support student learning offering a research resource, calculator or notepad. When students bring electronics to school they assume all responsibility for the items.  The school is not responsible for lost or stolen electronics at school.  All electronic devices including (but not limited to) cell phones, pagers, gaming devices, MP3 players and iPods pose a potential disruption to the educational process and will not be used on campus except during lunchtime or when allowed by a staff member. These devices are often targets of student theft and are seldom recovered. Cell phones, iPods and MP3 players must be "off and away" at all times except during lunchtime or if being used for an appropriate, teacher-approved, school-related task. The student must surrender the device to the staff when it causes a disruption to the learning environment and/ or when asked. A parent may be responsible for picking up the confiscated devices.