Dress Code

  • Appropriate professional appearance is important to your success at Arts & Technology High School.  Students should present an appropriate professional appearance at school.


    Clothing worn to school should not distract from the learning environment or be considered inappropriate in a business or professional setting.  Examples of inappropriate clothing include:

    ·         See-through or revealing garments, bare midriffs,  backless dresses or shirts,  extremely short shorts, pants, or skirts, sagging pants or shorts,  inappropriate sayings, drawings, or pictures on clothing, gang clothing,  and any clothing promoting racist, violent, sex, drugs, alcohol, or other illegal activities.


    Students who do not dress appropriately will be warned, asked to wear alternate clothing provided by the school, and/or asked to go home.


    The Oregon Legislature has directed school districts to adopt “… reasonable written rules of pupil conduct and discipline …” and one of the standards is “dress and grooming.”  A rule on “dress and grooming” to protect the safety and well-being of students or to further some other legitimate interest of the school district has a “reasonable connections with the operation of the public school.”

    OAR 581-23-050(1)(b)