Open Campus Privilege

  • ATHS students have the choice to go off campus during lunchtime.  While off campus and unsupervised, students must follow all applicable laws and rules for specific places in town, (Town Center Shopping Center, Memorial Park, Town Center Park, Creekside Woods.)


    ATHS students will access the many learning opportunities available within the Wilsonville community.  It is our responsibility to promote accountability, respect and a positive self image.  Students will conduct themselves, when off campus before, during, or after the school day, in a manner that is consistent with school campus regulations.  It is extremely important that community and business partners see our students as responsible and productive citizens.


    Students may lose the privilege to leave campus at lunchtime as a consequence for academic and/or attendance probation or as a consequence for inappropriate behavior.


    Ninth grade students do not have Open Campus Privilege.  Ninth grade students may apply for Open Campus to begin after Spring Break.  The staff determines if a student may have this privilege based upon grades, behavior, attendance and parent permission.