• Building a Resume

    Here is a template you can use to create your resume. Or this one.

    As you introduce yourself and experiences, here are some good descriptive terms to use. 

    Where to apply

    Here you can watch short videos with employees from fast food, retail, restaurant, airline, grocery, pharmacy and hospitality industries talking about their work and giving advice on how to get jobs at their companies.

    Hireteen.com is a good place to search for companies looking to hire teens.


    Did you get called in for an interview? Well done! 

    Make sure you are prepared! What should you wear, bring with you, and find out about the company in advance?

    Here are some common questions you might be asked.  It is also good to know why employers turn down applicants.

    Food Handlers Card

    Did you get hired at a restaurant? You'll need a Food Handlers Card. You can take the test online. It will cost $10 once you pass the test.

    Keeping your job

    Here is the work etiquette you need to keep your job.