Cedaroak School Song

  • Cheer, cheer, for Cedaroak

    Learning all day long;
    Is there school spirit? Listen and you’ll hear it…
    Sing our School Song!!
    Read, Write, Arithmetic,
    Challenges for all…
    Teachers who are caring, kids who practice sharing,
    Cedaroaks grow tall---

    What a tree of knowledge,
    We might go to college,
    Cedaroaks grow tall---

    Where’s our school spirit?
    NOW you’re going to hear it!

    Rippity ree, rippity roke,
    Let’s hear it for Cedaroak!
    We’ve got spirit;
    We’ve got zest;
    We work each day to do our best.
    Yeah…….., Cedaroak!

    Special thanks to Mel and Elaine Ball for the composition of this song!!!