•  Student practicing the alphabet.     Color matching in Cedaroak's Garden    Math story problem showing the number of students at the table.     Creating 3D objects from 2D shapes

    Hi!  My name is Becca Stecher.  I am originally from Lake Oswego, but have lived many different places, including Singapore, Indonesia, and Boston.  I went to U of O for my undergraduate degree in psychology and special education, and to Tufts University to get my master's degree in Early Childhood Education.  This is my 16th year teaching kindergarten at Cedaroak.  Before that, I taught first and second grades in Lake Oswego.

    In my free time I love to read, travel, do art, garden, yoga, paddle sports, and enjoy the outdoors.  Most of all, I love to spend time with my 2 sons!
    Welcome to Cedaroak!  Mrs. Stecher
         Math workshop.                      Using sticks, leaves and flowers to create art in the gardern.
        Reading together.     Using dough and sticks to build 3D shapes.    Alphabet necklace to reinforce the alphabets order.