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  • Picture of Carolyn Miller the Principal of Cedaroak Park in front of the school Cedaroak Park Primary is an incredible school filled with bright, enthusiastic children. Picture of Carolyn Miller the Principal of Cedaroak Park in front of the school students enter our doors each day eager to learn and participate in our learning community. They engage in rigorous learning opportunities while supporting each other with respect, kindness, and compassion. Our learning community is collaboratively created through the thoughtful work of our exceptional teachers, staff, and families. Our teachers are dedicated to ensuring the success of every student through authentic, enriching learning experiences that celebrate the unique talents and gifts of each child. Our staff is warm and welcoming, and each member truly cares for the children of Cedaroak Park.
    Our goal is to prepare our students to perform at high levels and become contributing global citizens. We strive to ensure that our students become excellent readers, writers, researchers, mathematicians, scientists, problem solvers, and communicators who use the skills they learn to address the needs of a constantly changing world. We instill in our students an ethic of quality performance and an ethic of solid moral character. We design our learning community so our students become great thinkers and thoughtful people for the world. We measure our success by how much our students care for themselves, others, and the world around them. We also measure our success by how much our students desire to learn more upon leaving our learning community each day and each year.

    Our parents and community are actively engaged in the life of our school, and we greatly value the partnership we share with them. Whether listening to our children talk about what they are learning, volunteering in a classroom, or learning about our students’ quality work and thinking, our parents and community members are an integral part of our learning community. As a school of the West Linn-Wilsonville School District, we share our district’s core values and its clear vision of what is important for our students. Because of these core values, vision, and our collaborative focus, we could not ask for a more ideal learning environment for our children.

    Our school’s natural setting enhances our students’ learning. Our campus has beautiful gardens and many tall oaks, cottonwoods, cedars, and other trees. Situated close to the Willamette River, Mary S. Young State Park, and Marylhurst University, our school is nestled within a quiet neighborhood setting of West Linn. Cedaroak Park has been serving this community since the mid-20th century, and just recently the generous communities of West Linn and Wilsonville have provided us with an amazing Exploratorium and a newly renovated library. These new spaces serve to enhance our students with opportunities to learn, discover, and imagine. Furthermore, the open-air feel of our school draws students outdoors to enjoy our amphitheater and the shade of our trees, as well as our expansive playfields, undercover areas, and a wonderful playground.

    Cedaroak Park Primary School is a very special place. It is much more than a school: it is the center of a community that cares deeply for its children and continually strives to help all learners achieve their potential. If you would like to learn more about our school, we welcome and encourage you to give us a call or drop by for a visit. We appreciate your interest in Cedaroak Park, and I know I speak for all of our teachers and students in saying that we are eager to share our work with you.

    Carolyn Miller, Principal
    Cedaroak Park Primary School

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