• Our Vision

    All students in the West Linn-Wilsonville School District, no matter their background or experiences, will successfully complete high school equipped with the necessary skills, character and motivation to transition into continuing education, careers and satisfying, healthy lives that meet their personal goals.

    Our Mission

    Arts & Technology High School is a dynamic learning community that supports the success of our diverse student population.  All learners collaborate with staff to develop and commit to a personalized education and social/emotional support plan to ensure academic success.

    ATHS provides structure and supports academic success through student engaged proficiency-based learning and assessment, emphasis on visual arts and creative writing, providing optional pathways through flexible schedules, frequent learning expeditions, production of authentic learning products and a community-based internship program.

    Guiding Principles

    • Students are engaged in powerful learning that is active, relevant, customized, fulfilling and rigorous.
    • Teachers, student and parents collaborate to develop educational goals and create pathways for academic success at family meetings and student-led conferences.
    • The staff gains a comprehensive understanding of students’ needs through observations, ongoing assessment and knowing each student individually.
    • The staff collaborates to develop thoughtful and intentional interventions.
    • Teachers, student and parents collaborate to access a variety of learning and educational options.
    • Adults at school create a circle of support where every staff member shares responsibility for every student’s success.
    Updated, June 2013