• As an ASPIRE mentor, you will play a unique role in the life of a student as you help guide and assist them in pursuing education and training beyond high school.

    Why should I mentor a student?

    Mentoring helps:

    ·      Create an interest in education and training beyond high school

    ·      Improve classroom attendance

    ·      Increase scholastic ability and performance

    ·      Give students hope for their future

    What makes a good mentor?

    ·      Being enthusiastic

    ·      Having an interest in working with youth

    ·      Being reliable and consistent

    ·      Following program policies and procedures

    How do I become a mentor?

    ·      Contact ATHS ASPIRE Coordinator Eric Wallace

    ·      Complete an application

    ·      Criminal background check cleared with the ASPIRE site

    ·      Attend an orientation

    ·      Participate in a training