Student Rights and Responsibilities

  • The West Linn-Wilsonville School District believes that young people have the right to receive the best education that our resources can provide. Our educational programs are rooted in six vision themes identified by our staff and community— personalized education, personal and academic excellence, educating the whole child, creating circles of support for each child, community partnerships, and integrating technology into daily instruction. The successful operation of schools requires the respectful cooperation of students, parents, community, staff, and the school board.

    This guide is prepared and distributed annually to inform students of policies and practices as they apply to student responsibilities and rights. It is understood that students have rights of citizenship as outlined in the United States and Oregon Constitutions. Those rights must not be interfered with or in any way altered, except in accordance with due process of law. The following guidelines were written to correspond with all applicable local, state, and federal statutes. Students shall have all rights to which they are entitled as outlined in the handbooks of each individual school.

    Questions regarding student responsibilities and rights should be addressed to the school Principal. Copies of school district policies are available on the district website at