• Pick-up, Drop off and Parking Information


    • We welcome parents to drop off their children in the gym
    in the morning or to meet them after school each day. 

    • It is important to be mindful of families walking to their cars –
    please drive slowly in the parking lot.

    • If you are coming into the school, to please park in the
    parking lot. We realize that parking is tight, but if you would like to
    pick up your child by the buses, we ask that you park in the
    parking lot.

    • Please only use the handicap slots if you have a handicap
    parking permit.

    • The curbside is meant just for dropping off and picking up
    only. It is very important that drivers remain at the wheel
    while waiting for you child. I know that it can get busy,
    especially during dismissal, but our goal is to keep the curbside
    flowing as much as possible.

    • Parents parking in the parking lot and not along the curb in
    will certainly help with overall flow within the parking lot.

    • Parents are certainly welcome to drop-off and pick-up their
    children out by the entry plaza in the back of the school. This
    can be a more efficient and quick way to collect your child
    at the end of the day.


    Please reference the site map below to learn the pick-up and drop-off flow.


    Lowrie map showing traffic flow

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