Gingerbread Lane is Here!

Posted by Christine Frisiras on 12/7/2019

If you've been to our Kindergarten neighborhood lately, then you have been to Gingerbread Lane.  Kindergarten classrooms have transformed into awesome Gingerbread houses. Throughout the week we have been reading many different versions of the Gingerbread Man.  Ask your child which books we read this week.  We have been talking about the characters, setting, refrain, and the ending of each of the books.  We've compared the stories and made connections between the books.  We've also been gathering opinions on which books the kids like better.  Ask your child about their favorite story so far.  We will continue with more Gingerbread stories this week.  We will also be writing our own Gingerbread stories.  Our Gingerbread unit will wrap up on Friday, December 20.  We will be making our Gingerbread houses.  Thank you for sending in the supplies we will be using for the houses.  I think we are good on candy and graham crackers.  If you haven't sent anything in and would like to, we could use sugar cones, green or white frosting, oval Chinet plates, or mini glue sticks for a hot glue gun.  The last 2 things are new and I didn't get them in the letter.  Thank you again for all you've sent in so far!  I appreciate it and the kids will, too!

Report Cards are going home on Friday, December 13.  A few notes to understand the Report Card.  An NY (Not Yet) indicates that a particular skill/concept has not been taught yet - it is the same meaning as the slash (/).  The skills that are on the report card are what your child should be able to do by the end of the year.  If they get a 2, then they are where they need to be for this time of the year.  If they receive a 1 in an area, I will write a comment that addresses why.  If they get a 3, they have mastered the skill for the end of the year.  You will also be getting a letter from the principal, Ms. Donegan, that explains the report card, as well.

Upcoming Dates

December 9 - 13 - Forest Flyer Week - M-Th run, F charms

December 11 - Gingerbread house items due please

December 13 - Report Cards go home AND Winter Craft Fair - 6 PM 

December 20 - Gingerbread House decorating

December 23 - January 6 - No School - Winter Break

January 7 - School Resumes, Kindergarten registration packets will be available to pick up for 2020-2021 school year

January 15 - Early Release @ 12:10

January 20 - No School - MLK Day

January 21 - 24 - Forest Flyer Week - T-F fun, M (1/27) charms

January 31 - Pizza Bingo - 5:30 - 7:30

Only 10 more school days in 2019!!!  That went fast!!!