First School Week of 2020!

Posted by Christine Frisiras on 1/12/2020

The first school week of 2020 is under our belts!  We worked hard this week getting right back into the swing of things.  We're kicking off the year with our Polar Bear Unit.  We will learn about non-fiction reading and writing through polar bears.  We will read and write facts and talk about what polar bears need to survive, their habitat and their threats - including climate change and what we can do about that at a kindergarten level.

In Reading Workshop, we've been talking about the relationship between letters and sounds.  We've been using Alphabet books to think about why certain objects are on a page, what else can be on that page, and comparing 2 different alphabet books to play What's the Same?  What's Different?  If you have any alphabet books at home ask your child to play Guess What's Next? with you or talk about what else can be on the page.  By the end of January, all students should be very fluent at their letters and sounds (i.e. not using the sound chant) - including long and short vowel sounds.  

In Math Workshop, we have starting looking at arrangements of 6 tiles and talking about it mathematically.  This coming week we will be making arrangements for 5-10 and breaking them up with number combinations. (EX. A child might see 6 as 3+3 or 2+2+2 or 4+1+1 - depending on the arrangement.)

In Writing Workshop, we took time on Friday to celebrate our writing.  We did a gallery walk and gave each other compliments on the writing we saw.  We will really be focusing on information writing as we learn about polar bears.  As in reading workshop, letter-sound knowledge is crucial in the writing process.  Being fluent in letters and sounds can only help you be a better writer.  

Important Dates

January 14 - Book Orders Due

January 15 - Early Release @ 12:10

January 20 - No School - MLK Day

January 21 - 24 - Forest Flyer Week - T-F Run, M (1/27) charms

January 24 - Science Fair Forms due

January 31 - Pizza Bingo - 5:30 - 7:30 - Get your pizza order in ASAP!

February 5 - Early Release @ 12:10

February 10 - 14 - Forest Flyer Week M-Th Run, F Charms

February 14 - Friendship Party - Details to come!  Party Parents I will email you in January!

February 24 - Science projects due

February 27 - Trillium Creek Science Fair Open House

Will we see snow this week????