What Did the Groundhog Say?

Posted by Christine Frisiras on 2/2/2020

Happy Groundhog's Day!  What did Punxsutawney Phil predict?  6 more weeks of winter or an early spring?  Help your child find the answer - there is some good footage out there!

In Reading Workshop, we have been looking at endings on our sight words.  Sometimes this disguises our words so that we don't recognize them.  -s, -es, -d, -ed, -ing - These inflected endings can disguise a word that is a sight word.  Look for these endings on words when you are reading this weekend (seeing, looked, goes, liked, etc.)  Point them out and notice them.  Look for the sight word and point out that it's still the same word, just with an ending on it.  Also, practice reading with fluency at home.  The books that come home in the bags are at an independent level.  They are perfect for practicing reading with fluency and expression.

In Writing Workshop, we have been busy writing how-tos and making them easy for readers to follow directions.  We have tested out a few and from doing that, students know where they need to add more detail so that their directions can be followed perfectly.  We ended our polar bear unit with information writing about polar bears.  The kids were able to use our charts in the room to write facts.  Using resources is a good tool when writing information writing.

In Math Workshop, we have moved into our second geometry unit on shapes.  This time we're learning about 3-D shapes and their attributes.  We've been learning important vocabulary including edges, faces, vertices, and footprint.  Ask your child about those words and how they relate to 3-D shapes.  We've been comparing 2-D and 3-D shapes and using different materials to build and construct these shapes.  Thank you for going on a 2-D shape hunt at home.  We've been sharing different shapes each day.

Our bully protection/prevention lessons are going great!  We've learned how to recognize bullying, report bullying, and refuse bullying.  Later this week we will learn what a bystander is and what they can do to stop bullying.  Look for a home connection later in the week.

Upcoming Dates

February 5 - Early Release @ 12:10

February 7 - Book order due

February 10 - You can start sending in valentines this week.

February 10 - 14 - Forest Flyer Week M-Th Run, F Charms 

February 14 - Friendship Party - 12:05 - 12:50 PM   

February 17 - No School - Presidents' Day

February 19 - Early Release @ 12:10

February 24 - Science projects due & Vision Screening

February 27 - Trillium Creek Science Fair Open House

March 1 - Community Care Day 12 - 4

March 2 - TCPS OMSI Night 6-8

March 4 - Early Release @ 12:10

March 7 - Adult Social - Oregon Hills Winery - Portlandia Theme 7 PM

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  May your team win (if not your team, then your numbers!)