Enhanced Supplemental Learning (April 6-10)

  • Enhanced Supplemental Learning (April 6-10)

    The Cedaroak Park teaching staff compiled strategies and educational activities that families can use to keep students engaged in learning during the week of April 6-10. Remote learning activities are organized by grade level and contain a combination of low tech and technology-based options across multiple subject areas, including consideration for student physical and mental wellness. To access your student's grade level instruction, please select the appropriate bookmark at the top of the Google Document that is linked above.

    Our goal is to provide a structure for at-home learning so families have some easy-to-implement activities to prevent regression and learning loss during an extended break. At this time, there is no expectation that teachers or parents provide extended resources, communication, or assess students during the closure. Students are not required to participate in remote learning but are encouraged to access the resources provided. We will transition to Distance Learning for all beginning Monday, April 13.