• Together We Fly

    Our work towards excellence at Boones Ferry Primary is supported by four guiding principles. Our practice of these guiding principles is helping us to shape the Boones Ferry way. These four guiding principals provide the foundation for the kind of learning community capable of supporting our mission.

    mural of hand prints

    We treat ourselves and others well.

    Keep in our hearts the golden rule.

    The first is to treat ourselves and others well. If every person in our school treats himself/herself and others with respect, dignity, and compassion, people will feel at home here and be ready to turn their attention to learning.

    Team huddle

    We do our best to learn.

    And help others learn.

    Our second guiding principle is to do your best to learn AND to help others learn. If we are to truly take the lid off learning at Boones Ferry, each person must take responsibility for his or her own learning.  Going further, if every person works to support others’ learning, everyone’s learning will go off the charts.

    Head in the clouds child's drawing

    We strive for excellence.

    By bringing our personal best.

    Our third guiding principle is to pursue personal excellence and create high quality work. This requires attention to personal craftsmanship. We ask ourselves two important questions at Boones Ferry everyday.  “What is craftsmanship?  What is the value of craftsmanship?” "How do we touch the sky in our learning?"

    Hands on globe

    We take care of this place.

    And make the world a better place.

    Finally, we believe that to fully educate students in today’s world requires attention to the environment that sustains us—both our immediate environment and the global environment.  We believe care for others and for the environment are important responsibilities of world citizens and an integral part of what it means to educate citizens of the world.  This, along with attention to our mission, purposes, and other guiding principles help us answer school district’s guiding question: “How do we create learning communities for the greatest thinkers and most thoughtful people…for the world?"