Trillium Creek Primary School Awards

  • Trillium from the forest path

    Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) 2013 Gold Certification Level

    LEED is a green building tool that addresses the entire building lifecycle recognizing best-in-class building strategies. Trillium Creek was recognized in the areas of innovation, sustainability, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, indoor environmental quality, and materials and resources. LEED for Schools provides a comprehensive tool for schools with measurable results by recognizing the uniqueness of school spaces and their occupants.

    National School Board Association 2013 Grand Prize For Exhibition of School Architecture

    This award program gives prime consideration to the design solutions uniquely adapted to the educational program and the challenge to form and aesthetics. "Truly a design that would engage and excite children, this building creates cohesive classroom neighborhoods organized around an open media center in the heart of the school. The richness of the plan is further enhanced by the creativity shown in developing the interior and exterior of the building with child-inspired level transitions, spaces and accent colors. The quality of the design resulted from a process of actively engaging and reflecting the spirit of the community".

    AASA Shirley Cooper Award for The American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) Committee on Architecture for Education (CAE) 2013

    The Shirley Cooper Award is presented to the project that best meets the educational needs of its students. The winners represent the best of emerging trends and ideas that honor excellence in planning and design, and disseminate knowledge about best practices in educational and community facilities.

    Learning by Design Grand Prize Award 2013

    Learning by Design is a premier source for education design innovation and excellence. It showcases projects from all over the United States. Among the many projects submitted this year, Trillium Creek School project was deemed the very best by our nationally recognized panel of architects and educational facility specialists. Trillium Creek Primary School is one of just two Grand Prize Award winners selected for this edition.

    Council of Educational Facility Planners International (CEFPI) 2013

    Trillium Creek Primary School was selected as a “Project of Distinction”. The planning process created a building where there is a sense of community ownership, support for a ‘learning anytime, anywhere’ philosophy, focus on sustainability, relation to the existing site and greater environment, and enables all learners to be successful.

    American School & University Citation Elementary School Citation 2013

    This organization features competitions that support state-of-the-art classrooms and innovative media centers. Highlights included aesthetic characteristics and overall presentation of materials. Trillium Creek was the top award winner.

    Trillium library from kindy porch

    Oregon Pillar 3 Award in the area of Education For Sustainability 2014

    This award was presented by through The Sustainable Oregon Schools Initiative (SOSI) and the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) in conjunction with the US Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools Award. Trillium Creek Primary was recognized for integrating sustainability education into the curriculum including through real-world experiences, outdoor instruction, and extracurricular activities including outside agencies including Friends of Trees and the Army Corps of Engineers.

    2014 James D MacConnell Award of Excellence Winner

    Each year at their Annual Conference and Expo, Council of Educational Facility Planners International (CEFPI) names a James D MacConnell Award of Excellence winner. This year the award went to Trillium Creek Primary School – Dull Olson Weekes-IBI Group.

    The MacConnell Award recognizes outstanding facility planning and is considered CEFPI's most prestigious award. With on-site interviews of students, school staff, community stakeholders and the design team, the James D MacConnell jury thoroughly evaluated the entire process of building a school. The submissions reflected the truly amazing school planning and design work that is shaping education around the world. The contemporary understanding of pedagogical relationships with the built environment is setting the foundation for learning and teaching in new and wonderful ways.

    Trillium Creek demonstrates a strong integrated design response to the site and the curriculum. The project truly reflects what can happen when people, including students, come together and think beyond traditional boundaries. If you visited the school today, the students would most likely tell you that they are excited to come to a school that is designed for them!