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School Year Calendars
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The district staff has worked carefully and thoughtfully to calculate, accommodate and restore
the lost hours at each level which help us keep student learning a priority and meet
the state requirement for instructional hours for the 2016-2017 school year. 
On January 31st, the School Board approved these amendments
to the 2016-2017 school calendar to fulfill these goals:
    • Early Release Days (January 18, February 8, March 22, April 26 and May 24) become full student school days
    • March 23rd Conference Day for K-5 canceled; student school day instead 
    • March 24th Conference Day for G. 6-8 canceled; student school day instead 
    • April 10th Staff Development Day canceled; student school day instead 
    • High school students adjust finals schedule in February and June as well as shortened lunch schedule (restores 2.5 days) 
    • Also, for middle and high schools, the end of Quarter 3 has been moved to April 14 (from April 7)
    • Seniors' last day of school extended to June 13th (from June 9th) 
    • Two days of school added in June for Grades K-11; Last day of school is Tuesday, June 20th


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