Fire Drill Procedure

  • Every classroom should have a map with your escape route posted near the primary exit door. If you don't see one, please let Gretchen know. When the alarm rings, the children are to file out to your designated spot on the playground area quietly, using the route marked on the map. The last person out should turn out the lights and close the door. Make sure all doors to your classroom are closed. This lets rescue workers know that the classroom is empty.

    Every teacher has a red/green attendance card with your class list on it. Please put this card at the door of your primary exit route so it is easily accessible as you leave for the fire drill. Teachers take this card with them outside and hold it up so the fire drill team can quickly see that all students are accounted for (green), or that a student is missing (red). Patrick, Nicole and Mark will check with all the teachers. When all children are accounted for, they will signal everyone to return to the building.

    Individual or small groups of children who are not near their classroom teachers should report to the nearest staff member. That person will escort them to the Safety Circle in between the gate and the swings. Inga will supervise the Safety Circle.

    Children who are in PE, Music, or Library will go outside with that teacher. The specialists will have class lists. The classroom teachers should make his or her way to where the specialist is standing with the class.

    The adults in the Resource Room and Speech should walk children back to their home classrooms.

    Children eating lunch in the cafeteria will exit the cafeteria doors (to the playground) and line up at their assigned spot on the playground.

    Please review fire drill safety procedures, emphasizing that a calm, quiet response is very important. Once outside, all children are to remain silent, stay in line, and face away from the building. Make sure your class knows exactly where they will be going.

    Teachers with classrooms near bathrooms or IA's near a bathroom should take a quick moment to check that no one is in the bathrooms.