2013-2014 West Linn-Wilsonville School Board of Directors

Keith Steele
Keith Steele
Position 5
Term Expires 6/30/2017
Position 3
Term Expires 6/30/2017
Kristen Keswick
Kristen Keswick
Vice Chair
Position 2
Term Expires 6/30/2015
Betty Reynolds
Betty Reynolds

Position 4
Term Expires 6/30/2015
Position 1
Term Expires 6/30/2017


Mission Question

How do we create learning communities for the greatest thinkers and
most thoughtful people...for the world?



Vision Themes
Academic Excellence  -  Personalized Education  - Community Partnerships 
Circle of Support  -  The Whole Child  -  Integrated Technology


WLWV School Board
2013-2014 School Board Goals

The Board is responsible for establishing educational goals which will guide both the Board and staff in working together toward the continuing improvement of the educational program.  The School Board invites the community voice in guidance of the work on these five goals. 

Strategically, the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board intends to communicate interactively in seeking common ground to continually define the district's values and strengths.  As a Board we have established district goals to:

Goal 1)   Grow student achievement, through the use of high leverage instructional strategies, that raise rigor for all students while closing achievement gaps.

Goal 2)   Align systems of accountability, assessment, and evaluation to support the West Linn-Wilsonville vision of excellence.

Goal 3)   Conduct long-range capital improvement and financial planning through processes and practices that lead to long-term financial stability and sustainability and are responsive to community growth and student learning needs of the future.

Goal 4)   Engage family and community partners in support of the district vision and values of excellence in education. 

Goal 5)   Implement systems of high quality professional growth and mentoring that establish safe learning environments and recognize the accomplishments of staff as they persist toward the achievement of rigorous learning goals.