• Attention all runners!!! The upcoming cross-country season is fast approaching with our first practice scheduled for Tuesday, September 5th. This is a great way for students to meet new people, hang out with friends and for many, participate in their first school sport. All ability levels are welcome! Practices are right after school (Monday-Thursday) and the season ends in late October. Just a reminder that all athletes can sign up in the front office and must have a current physical on file. In addition to this, there is a $75 athletic fee (scholarship forms available) and an emergency information card that needs to be filled out. Both are available online or in the front office. Looking forward to another great season and Go Wolverines!!!


    At Wood Middle School, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports. We have a no-cut policy, so every student who wants to play can participate in our athletics program. 

    Prior to participating in athletics at Wood, students must have an Athletic Medical Clearance (physical)  on file in the office. The physical form is valid for two calendar years. Students must also have a current emergency form on file for every sport played. (Click on the links for the forms).

    There is a $75 athletic/activity fee for participation in Cross Country and Track. This fee covers both sports and other activities, like Jazz, Band. Scholarships are available. Forms are available in the Wood office and on the links above.

    Once you have completed the physical, provided emergency contact information, and paid the activity fee, the front office will give you an authorization form to take to your coach. This form says that you are eligible to participate in games or meets.


    Student athletes must be in attendance for a full day of school to participate in practices and contests. Student athletes with valid excused absences may participate.


    All athletes are students first and are expected to maintain effort and progress in all classes to participate. Coaches and teachers will communicate with students and parents if there are concerns about academic progress. 

    Unexpected School Closures (Snow Days, etc.)
    In the event of an unexpected school closure, all activities are automatically canceled.


    Other questions?
    Link to the team website, www.athletic.net or contact the coaches or Joey King if you have further questions.


    Fall Sports

    Cross Country

         Sept. -Oct.
         Practices are Monday through Thursday,  3:50PM-5:15PM. 

         Head Coach -Jason Rasco



         Head Coach - Rob Arndt
                   Practices start after spring break. The season runs from around March through May.