• Greetings! My name is Amy Thibault and I am a fourth grade teacher at Willamette Primary School.  Although I love Oregon, I am a Vermonter at heart! I grew up in Burlington, Vermont having fun in the snow with my five siblings.  After moving to Boston and teaching in Hyde Park and then Lynnfield, MA for 8 years, I moved west to Corvallis  and then finally to West Linn, where Willamette has been my teaching home  since 2001.  Some of my personal interests include reading great books (all kinds!), baking (scones and muffins are my specialties!), and traveling (Denmark is next on my travel wish list!).

    My husband and I and our two children love being outdoors. You can find us most weekends hiking through the Pacific Northwest's  beautiful forests, kayaking on lakes,  picking berries and apples or biking on trails.  We love sledding on Mt. Hood and exploring tide pools on the coast. Some of our favorite camping spots are Mountain Lake on Orcas Island, Fish Lake near Halfway, OR and Waldo Lake.  We are always on the lookout for a new spot, so let me know if you have a recommendation!  We usually manage to squeeze in a stop to the local bookstore or ice cream parlor, as well! We love urban adventures, too, and like seeing plays, discovering new restaurants, and rooting for local sports teams.   You might also find us at the softball field cheering on our daughter or attending scout events with our son.  We are so lucky to be surrounded by such natural beauty and diverse cultural experiences here in Oregon and we try to take advantage of all the fun activities each season brings. 

    Another important member of our family is our dog Milo. He's a 12 year old Boston terrier with a quirky personality. His interests include curling up for a nap in any empty lap or patch of sunlight on the carpet and running away from his own shadow or leaves blowing in the wind; not the bravest guy, but we love him!

    Thanks for visiting!