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Wellness Vision

  • The wellness vision of our school incorporates physical education, health, nutrition, and character development.

    This vision is centered on shared responsibility for guiding students to become self-disciplined people who pursue a healthy lifestyle.

    This vision encompasses a broad view of wellness, including nutrition and school lunch, engagement in physical activity, character education and social/emotional development.

    Some highlights of the vision are:

    • The culture of the school provides the essential ground for wellness learning
    • Wellness teachers working along with classroom teachers to engage children in setting wellness goal
    • Wellness teachers working along with classroom teachers to engage students in life wellness activities
    • A wellness program that has the essential elements of physical education, knowledge and skill development, nutrition, mental wellness, character strength and healthy choices
    • Students should engage in at least 10 to 15 minutes of wellness related activities during the day beyond recess times to support and build on skills, knowledge and dispositions to stay active and healthy
    • Each primary class will be scheduled to one 45 minute wellness class every five days with the wellness teacher
    The district vision forms the basis for our work. We want to be sure that we create a balanced approach to wellness.

    There are four areas that we want to be thoughtful about:
    • Physical activity
    • Educating children and exposing children to a broad range of skills, fitness, goal setting and team work experiences
    • Social skills and emotional support
    • Community building
    We know that the traits of leadership, teamwork, problem solving, listening, communication, creative thinking, motivation and goal setting are important to the moral and performance character of constructive and positive members of a community.

    These are the traits we want to be thoughtful about fostering in the academic, social/emotional and physical portions of a child’s school day.

    The opportunity here is that each teacher will be able to determine on a daily basis and through the interconnection of content areas the wellness activities that best fit their group of students.

    We can also use each wellness activity as an opportunity to model for students and the community different ways to engage children in wellness enhancing behaviors and the power it brings to their learning and relationships.