Enrollment Options for 2021-22

  • Students enrolled in the district will have TWO learning options:

    • Option One: Attend Neighborhood School Fully In-Person, Everyday

    We look forward to beginning the new school year with our students fully on-site, every day, for their learning experience. With the changed safety protocol of physical distancing (3 feet) by the Oregon Health Authority, all WLWV schools will begin the 2021-2022 school year with five, full days of in-person instruction typical of past years. Students who choose this option can expect a “normal” model of on-site learning. 

    Optional Blended Learning Courses, G. 9 - 12
    We have learned a great deal this year about how a successful format of remote learning can benefit many students. Therefore, we plan to offer several courses in a Blended Learning format (remote and in-person learning) for interested high school students, next year and beyond. Students will have the option to take 1-2 courses online taught by a WLWV teacher, in selected subject areas, while still enrolled in their other courses on-site. Blended Learning courses may vary in their set up. Some may be more structured for whole class participation, occasional on-site labs or check-ins with aligned course pacing. Other classes may be less structured, more individualized, and students will determine their own pace towards completion of their course. Students taking a Blended Learning course can expect to engage in some learning in-person at school and some learning remotely. Students/families can view the Blended Learning options offered at their school when they work with their school on “forecasting” for next year.  

    • Option Two: Enroll in WLWV K12 Online Academy (WKOA) - Grades K-12

    For the 2021-2022 school year, the District will continue offering a fully online, remote learning option for students who reside in the district (formerly WKOP). The online program will continue to utilize the K12 Stride (formerly FuelEd) digital curriculum for academic content. 

    The structure of WKOA will be set up differently than it was during the pandemic. A WLWV teacher will be assigned to each student/family to assist with creating a learning plan, maintain connection to school and activities, and assist with any technical or academic concerns. However, the teacher will not have daily contact with the student or provide direct instruction. Instead, the parent/guardian will be the student’s main learning coach as the student progresses through the K12 Stride curriculum. Because we anticipate a much smaller enrollment in this program next year, it is likely that a WLWV teacher will be assigned to students in multiple grade levels across multiple schools. 

    Because students will still be enrolled in their neighborhood school, WKOA students will continue to receive support from our Special Education and English Language Development departments for any specialized instruction needs. WKOA students will continue to have access to all activities, athletics, clubs, meal service and learning labs offered at their home school. Visit our WKOA website for more information about the program.

Grade 1 and Older Students

  • Synergy-Access to Online Registration

    We have migrated to a new Student Information System called Synergy. Synergy provides an online registration tool both for new and returning students. We invite you to use this new tool to register and/or update important information.

    Most returning families already have accounts setup. We encourage you to use the "Forgot or Need to Set Password" link to be able to set your own password.

    Launch to WLWV Online Registration

    If you have any questions about using this registration tool - please contact your home school office.

    For students who are new to West Linn-Wilsonville Schools:  

    New students can complete the entire enrollment process through Online Registration.

    If preferred, families can also download the Registration Form, Language Survey Form, Immunization Form, and Google Apps Agreement.

    Families who enroll their student(s) in person will need to bring the completed Registration Form, Language Survey Form, Immunization Form, along with a verification of birthdate (a copy of one of the following:  birth certificate, passport, hospital announcement, baptismal certificate, health insurance forms w/birth date, or state services documentation such as welfare benefits w/birth date), and you will need to provide a proof of residence/address as outlined in the Residence Verification link on the left (examples of proof of residence/address: current utility bill, rental agreement - please make sure to cover sensitive information) to your home school.

    In addition, if there are any custody issues regarding your child, you will need to provide a hard-copy of that documentation.

    Finally, you should also bring any transfer (copies of permanent record) information that you have from any previous schools that your child has attended.

    Please make sure you have all the required documents completed before turning in your paperwork.

    Registration paperwork can be dropped off at your students home school.  Please call the school before going to turn in your paperwork.

    PLEASE NOTE:  Some schools require additional forms for registering students.  Please contact your home school to verify you have completed all forms necessary to register your student at that school.

    Students who finished school in West Linn-Wilsonville last school year:  Most of our schools will prompt families to access our online ParentVue system in order to provide updates to critical contact information as well as permissions and other items over the summer. Changes to information are processed "manually" and thus changes will not be reflected until staff make the requested edits.

    For homes without access, schools can make a printout available of the information we have on file so that families can make needed updates. You will make any necessary changes to the Sheet and return it to school during registration/orientation opportunities or on the first day of school.  Remember to sign and date the bottom of the form.