Changes to Middle School Choice Zones Will Take Effect in 2025

  • The current district “choice zones” allows some families to choose between two schools and receive bus transportation for either choice. This results in the district often sending 2-3 buses into the same neighborhoods causing redundancy, congestion, and associated costs for additional buses and drivers. Upon the opening of the new primary school located in the Frog Pond development area of Wilsonville in Fall 2025, the District will discontinue the “choice zone” boundary areas for school attendance.

    Starting in Fall 2025, students residing in their primary school boundaries will be assigned middle schools and high schools, unless they receive an approved In-District Transfer Request to attend a different school. The WLWV school district is generous with its In-District Transfer Requests as long as there is space and capacity available at the requested school. Bus transportation, however, would only be available within the residing and assigned school area.

    WLWV School Attendance: Starting in Fall 2025

    Primary School Boundary

    Assigned Middle School

    Assigned High School

    Boones Ferry PS

    Lowrie PS

    Inza Wood MS

    Wilsonville High School or Riverside High School

    Boeckman Creek PS

    New PS at Frog Pond

    Meridian Creek MS

    Cedaroak Park PS

    Trillium Creek PS

    Sunset PS

    Rosemont Ridge MS

    West Linn High School or Riverside High School

    Bolton PS

    Willamette PS

    Stafford PS

    Athey Creek MS

    Note: Parents may request an In-District Transfer to any other school outside their primary school boundary or secondary school assignment depending on school capacity. Transportation is not included with transfers.

    Riverside High School is an option high school and is open to any WLWV high school student who wishes to attend.