Proof of Residency/Address Documentation

  • The West Linn-Wilsonville School District welcomes all families.  The District’s enrollment practices are guided by School Board Policy and Oregon Statutes.  Students enrolled in West Linn-Wilsonville schools must live within the boundaries of the District. Exceptions include Inter-District transfers, Court Placement, and those eligible to attend through the McKinney-Vento Act (students experiencing homelessness).

    New students, families that have moved, or families that have had mail returned to the school must present one document from below.

    Document showing parent/legal guardian address

    • Current property tax bill
    • Current rental/lease agreement or a letter from the property owner with the required information (must include parent/legal guardian name, address, property manager or owner name, property manager or owner phone number, and signatures of parent/legal guardian and property owner/manager)
    • Current mortgage statements
    • Escrow papers
    • Electric bill (dated within last 45 days)
    • Water/Sewer bill (dated within last 45 days)
    • Garbage bill (dated within last 45 days)
    • Cable/Satellite bill (dated within last 45 days)
    • State/Federal Revenue documents

    Note that a Driver's License is NOT an adequate proof of address.

    If you are not able to provide these specific documents, please contact your school’s secretary to confidentially discuss alternatives.

    The District has the discretion to require additional evidence to verify residency. If at any time a student’s residence or address is in question, the District may ask for additional documents for verification. Post office boxes do not meet residency/address requirements.

    Individuals living temporarily in a school district for the primary purpose of attending a district school may not be considered resident in the district in which they are living temporarily, but shall be considered resident in the district in which they, their parents, their guardians or persons in parental relationship to them reside. (ORS 339.133)

    School Office Administrative Assistants are able to answer questions about documents required to demonstrate residency. For questions about transfers and boundaries, please contact Kelly Douglas (503-673-7034), Director of the Superintendent's Office.

    School Board Policies:

    JECA - Admission of Resident Students JECB - Admission of Nonresident Students B Interdistrict Transfers JECBD -  - Homeless Students

    Legal References:

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    Proof of Residency/Documentation (PDF) / (Version en español)