Using the WLWV Cloud

  • Connecting:

    When you're on a mini, there should be an icon on the desktop that says "Connect-to-WLWV-Cloud".  Double click it.

    You will then be asked to choose:

    1. Your school (Inza Wood)
    2. Your level (student/teacher)
    3. Your username (just the name, not the entire email)
    4. Your password

    After you have done that, click "OK".  You should get a window that says "Success: The following drive letters were mapped..."

    If instead you get "Drives failed to map", you might have typed your password incorrectly.  Try again.  If you get the same error message, you will need to reset your password.  Read the directions for "Errors When Connecting to the Cloud" page.

    If you get the "Need a Drive Letter" message, that means that computer is ALREADY connected to the cloud.  If it's someone else's home drive, though, read the "Errors When Connecting to the Cloud" page.

    Opening and Saving with the Cloud

    When you're connected to the cloud, to get to your files, click Start->My Computer.  Listed below Network Drives, you should see your name as the H: drive (home drive).  If you see someone else's name, then go to the "Errors When Connecting to the Cloud" page.

    If it is your home drive, simply double-click to open your Home Drive to see all of your files.  If you open any of those files, you can work on those documents easily.  When you save, it will save right back on your home drive.

    If you start a new document, when you go to save, do the following:

    1. Click Save
    2. Click My Computer
    3. Under Network Drives, look for your name that says "h:" at the end.  That is your home drive.  Double-click.

    That's it.

    Finishing Up
    When you finish using your home drive, you want to disconnect so others can't have access to your files.  Simply click "Disconnect-from-WLWV-Cloud" icon on the desktop.