• If you get the "Need a Drive Letter" message....

    That means that the mini is already connected to the cloud.  Click Cancel.

    Click Start->My Computer.  Scroll down to where it says "Network Drives".  Listed below it should show a user name that is connected to the H: drive. 
    If it is your name, then you are already on the Cloud.
    If it is someone else's name, you need to disconnect and then re-connect.  On the desktop, click the "Disconnect-to-WLWV-Cloud".  That should clear the drives.  Then go ahead and click "Connect-to-WLWV-Cloud" again and everything should work.

    If you get the "Drives Were Not Mapped" message...

    It's possible that you mistyped your password.  Try connecting again.

    If it STILL doesn't work, there probably is a problem with your password. Submit a Tekmee tech request ticket for help.