• Log in to Discovery Education using your Google credentials:


    To log in:

    username = FULL email address

    password = P + your district ID


    My Content (button in the top bar)

    Method of organizing collection of resources

    Can create folders for self, to share across the school, or to share across the district

    Can even upload your own content. Uploads cannot exceed 100MB, and there is a 1 GB total storage limit

    On a video, if you click the “+” symbol, it will add to your Quicklist, and then you can add to My Content later


    My DE (to get there, click MY DE Services and choose My DE in the drop-down)

    Global News - weekly wrap-up of the world’s news

    On this Day - facts and videos for different subject areas

    Discovery Education Network (DEN) - network of teachers sharing ideas

    Discovery Atlas Interactive Map (from Most Popular) - search for videos based on world map


    Searching (to get there, click MY DE Services and choose Streaming Plus in the drop-down)

    *By keyword, can filter before or after search results

    *By grade/subject area

    *By standards (CCSS, eventually NGSS)

    *Advanced Search


    When in Advanced Search, you can look for specific videos that are editable (which you can then download AND edit) or closed caption (helpful for ELD students). If there are closed captions, then you can download and EDIT the closed captions.


    After selecting a video, there are many options on the Top Blue Bar

    *Details: includes the citation information

    *Materials: includes any teacher handouts

    *Transcripts: includes the full transcript, which is Searchable!

    *Download (only if applicable): separate video and Closed Caption download. If you download the CC, it MUST be stored in the same folder as the video. Should use VLC to view on a Mac.


    Common Core Lessons

    When in Streaming Plus, click the Common Core in the Classroom Tab

    Select the Subject Area, Grade Level, and then the Strand->Cluster->Standard