• To get there:
    (It’s on the school homepage, on the Teacher Resources page.)

    To log in:
    Username: complete email address
    Password: your network password (what you use to log into a school computer)

    Your dashboard
    You can change what is listed in the 3 columns below. You can choose any 3 from:
    Live Broadcast, OnLocation Broadcast, My Uploaded Resources, My Favorites, My Reservations, My Recently Added Content

    Quick Search (upper left-hand corner)
    This will do a search based on keywords. That is, whatever words you type in, it will look for those words in the title and the description of all types of media that are stored in MediaCAST (video, PDFs, etc.) It will list all of the results in alphabetical order based on the title of the documents.

    After doing the search, you can filter the results by file type (like Flash, images, web sites, etc.) by clicking on the File Type that is listed above the list of results.


    Advanced Search (Search Tab)

    Using this search feature allows you to restrict your results based on a variety of criteria: category (like biology), grade range, media type, and more.

    You can browse content based on the subject categories by clicking on the Main Categories listed on the homepage.


    Digital TV
    You can browse what TV shows are currently playing or will be shown in the future by clicking the Digital TV tab. Only shows/channels that are highlighted in green or blue can be viewed live. If there is a program that you want to record, it can be on any of the channels listed.


    Requesting a show be recorded
    To request that a show be recorded, you can find the online form on the school webpage, in the Teacher Resources page. If you want to record a show that is not on a regular channel (that is, not highlighted), please check to see if there is a repeat of the show outside the school day. The reason is that the district will need to “unplug” one of our regular channels during that time to allow your show to be recorded.


    Making a reservation to view a “restricted” video
    Some of the content is restricted for a certain number of simultaneous viewers. If there is a particular recorded video that you want to watch on a particular day during a particular time, it is a good idea to reserve it.

    Once you have found the video (after doing a search), if there is a viewing restriction placed on it, there will be a clock icon to the right. (So, if there is no icon, there is no worry and you don’t need to reserve it.)


    Snagging a segment
    If you only want a piece of a video, you can “snag a segment”. These segments are saved and they can be viewed by ANYONE in the district. So, be sure to name them so they make sense to anyone. You also may want to see if someone else has already created a segment which will work for you (so MediaCAST doesn’t get too cluttered with duplicates).

    To create a segment:

    • Click “Snag a segment” to the right of the video.
    • Give a name for the segment.
    • Give the start time
    • Give the end time
    • In the notes section, type in your name as the creator of the segment.
    • That’s it!


    Sharing videos with others/External URL Builder.
    You can share the video with others by using the External URL Builder link to the right of a video. When you click it, you get a window that will give you a few choices.

    If you click the “Display basic External URL (requires a login)” link, you will get a URL (i.e. weblink) that will take someone right to the video. In order to see it, though, the person will need to log-in (using their ENTIRE email name and their password).

    If you want the person to view a segment, or the entire video, and NOT log-in, you can fill out the bottom part of the window. This will allow you to type in your account name (ENTIRE email) and password. You probably should include an expiration date, just to be safe. It can be a ways off, like a month. After completing, you will get a URL (i.e. weblink) that will take the person directly to the video or the segment.


    State Standards
    If you find a video that connects directly with one of your state standards, you can let MediaCAST know that so others can find it and use it.

    Simply click “Link Builder” to the right of the video. Then browse through the different content areas and standards until you find the one that fits. That’s it!


    Your content
    You can easily view the content that you have reserved, recorded, or uploaded by clicking the My Media Resources tab. You also can view a list of content that you have recently viewed.