• Step by Step Directions for Entering Grades in School Master
    (Example using Quarter 1. Change accordingly.)

    Click on Grading
    Check for correct grading period: “(MS) Quarter 1 Report Cards”
    Select Correct Columns:
    Quarter 1, Semester 1, Completes Work on Time, Uses Class Time Effectively
    Comments 1,2,3
    Narrative 1,2,3

    Entering Grades
    Fill in grade for each student
    Use Meets or Not Meets for completes work & class time
    Comments 1,2,3 A list of comments available in SM or paper copy in the office
    Narrative – click on box and write your narrative

    Transferring Grades
    Click on Report (Over from File Menu)
    Go down to Secondary Grading
    Go over to Teacher Mark Verification (click on it)
    Select appropriate quarter (Quarter 1)
    Click EDIT
    Sequence – click on Course Title – select Teacher
    Click on Specific Teacher – select your name – OK
    Select Grading Period (MS) Qrt. 1 Report Cards
    Click on Terms - Qrt. 1, Sem. 1, Full Year
    Unclick Discrepancy Only
    Click on Show Comments
    Click on Show Narratives

    Printing Grades
    Click on Print
    First choose Screen to view your grades
    Click on Print and print two copies

    You keep one copy for your records and the second copy goes to the office