• For those who are confident they know how to install it on their own, here are your basic instruction: go to Easy Grade Pro on the common drive, click on setup.exe, and choose your H drive as the destination folder.

    For those who like more detailed instructions, read below:

    1. On your desktop, open on "My computer"
    2. Open up the staff common drive (i: drive)
    3. Open up the Software folder
    4. Open up the EasyGradePro folder
    5. Click on Setup.exe
    6. Go through the first 3 windows, clicking Yes and Next.
    7. Now click OK, and then Next.
    8. Ta Da! It's installed!

    If you want to install it on a personal computer, you can borrow the CD from the library, or you can load the installation program onto a USB drive.

    You can access it by going to the Start Menu (under programs, it's EGP.exe), or by opening up your H: drive. (You can also create a desktop shortcut from your h:drive).

    Open up Easy Grade Pro (either from Start menu or from your H: drive).

    The Serial Number is in the EasyGradePro folder in the i: drive.  You can also ask the library for the serial number.

    For registration name, type Wood Middle School

    Then choose Create New Gradebook, and name it whatever your want (probably use your name, just to be clear), and you're set to go.


    IMPORTANT: be sure that your gradebook is saved in your h: drive, NOT in the c: drive. Anything that is saved on the c: drive will only be saved to that computer and the data is not backed up. If it is saved in your h: drive, you can access it from any computer and it will be backed up every night.