• When you go to the printer and your document is NOT there:

    • DON’T go back and print it again!
    • First, see if the printer is out of paper.
    • Second, go back to the computer and see which printer is selected.
    • (Maybe you printed it out at a different printer.)
    • If the printer is not out of paper, and you definitely went to the right printer, then check with someone at the library for help.

    If you want to print from the internet:

    • DON’T!!! Unless the page has an option for “Print View”, never print directly from a web browser.
    • If you simply want to print an image/picture that is on a web page:
    • Right-click on the image, and Save the image on your h: drive
    • Then you can either insert the image into a document, or just open the image and print it directly.
    • If you want the text from a web page:
    • Highlight the text, and copy-paste it into Word. Then print it from Word.

    If you want to print out a picture, or a group of pictures:

    • Open up the folder that contains the image(s)
    • Right-click an image file, and select “Open With -> Fax and Picture Viewer”
    • Follow the directions for printing.
    • You will be able to select all the images that are in the folder, or just a few.
    • You will also be able to select how many images you want to put on each page.

    When it is time to print:

    • DON’T just click the printer icon.
    • Go to File->Print. Be sure to select the correct printer.
    • If you DON’T need all the pages in the document, select the beginning and ending page numbers.
    • You SHOULD do a print preview to be sure it looks the way you want it to look.

    Which printer to use?

    For most printing jobs, just use the black & white printer closest to where you are:

    • IWMS Library HP M601 = black & white printer in the library, printed on recycled paper
    • IWMS NE Porch HP M601 = black & white printer in the NE Porch
    • IWMS NW Porch HP M601 = black & white printer in the NW Porch
    • IWMS SE Porch HP M601 = black & white printer in the SE Porch
    • IWMS SW Porch HP M601 = black & white printer in the SW Porch

    If you need the printout in color, and it’s for educational purposes:

    • IWMS Library (Clr) HP 4525 = the color printer in the staff work area

    If you need a document to converted to a pdf type (to be read using Adobe Acrobat, like on webpages), you need to chose

    • Adobe PDF writer