• Do this update every quarter (or sooner) to make sure you have any updates that have been made by the office staff in Schoolmaster


    Step 1.  Open GroupWise Address Book



    Step 2—Create a New Book for these email addresses:  Click File > New Book



    Give the Book a name something like "Parents and Students Semester 1" adding the school year at the end.



    Then Click OK


    Step 3—Import Addresses:  Click on the new book you just created and highlight it


    While the book is highlighted click File > Import



    Change the file type to .VCF (*.NAB may be default)

     Use the look in drop down menu to find :  L:\ AddrBooks



     Find your School folder in the L:\Addrbooks directory


    Open your schools folder






    Find your name --Select it ---Click open


    STEP 4---VERY IMPORTANT STEP.  While the new book is still highlighted click File > Name Completion Search Order



    Highlight the new book on the left side and click add



    Adjust the order of the different books so that Novell is on the top and frequent contacts are on the bottom (see example below). Click ok when the order is correct



    To send a message to your parents be sure to 

        a) always send the message to yourself and

        b) BC the parent list.



     ·         Parents-Teacher name: Sends a message to all of the parents in your class

     ·         Student First name’s Guardian Type: Sends a message to just the one parent

     ·         In addition to Parent E-mail addresses you will find Phone numbers.



    How to update the list.

     Step 1—Clear the list

     Step 2—Follow the instructions for importing addresses at the beginning of this document.


    When you Update this list every Quarter or Semester Follow these steps:

     Open your address book .   Click on your Parents/ Student Book.



    Click on the first address Press CTRL + A to select all of the addresses Press Delete


    Click Yes

     Now scroll up to the top and repeat the import process to repopulate your address book

     * The address book files that are on L:\ AddrBooks are updated every night