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    Posted by Nell Achtmeyer on 5/5/2014

    The partnership with Oregon Tech has possibilities around shared resources, mentorship by Oregon Tech professors for high school teachers in the District, and enrollment opportunities for eligible high school students. In thinking about supporting STEM education in the District and expanding learning opportunities for students, our partnership with Oregon Tech takes three forms: STEM High School Transition (HST) courses, dual credit offerings, and CTE course development. Oregon Tech hosted an Open House in January 2014 for District teachers, staff, administrators and community members to tour the new Wilsonville campus and learn more about Oregon Tech programs. We are working with high school counselors around scheduling and forecasting in order to help students take advantage of these enrollment opportunities in the years to come.


    STEM HST Courses 

    We will initially focus on the “Introduction to Engineering Program” STEM HST Course bundle. This decision was made based on the void of classes currently offered at the high schools in engineering disciplines. This bundle is comprised of six courses designed to provide a solid foundation in engineering principles and an overview of the different engineering disciplines, including software and embedded engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, renewable energy engineering, and mechanical engineering. The District and Oregon Tech will work to streamline the enrollment process into three of the six courses in this bundle in the first years of this partnership. We hope to enroll a small number of eligible of students who have been identified by math teachers, high school counselors or advisors in the spring 2014 term. Courses are offered $25 per credit, in addition to course books and material costs.


    Dual Credit Offerings

    By identifying the prerequisites students need prior to enrolling in the Introduction to Engineering Program STEM HST course bundle, Oregon Tech staff and professors will be able to work directly with high school teachers to align curriculum for future dual credit opportunities. This will be important to ensure that course curriculum is preparing those students who elect to enroll in classes at Oregon Tech, as well as creating the opportunity for all students taking these certain high school math classes to receive dual or accelerated credit. Determining the needed teaching credentials for these high school teachers to be qualified to teach dual credit courses will be an important piece of this work.


    CTE Course Development

    Within the context of revitalizing the District’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs, Oregon Tech staff and professors have expressed interest in working with District administrators and teachers to develop relevant courses at the high school level related to the proposed program of study. A long-term goal is to provide dual credit for these courses once the CTE program is further developed.

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