Meet the Teacher

  •  My family and I on our horses in front of Mt. Hood.

    Tracie Reed

    I graduated from Western Washington University in December of 1993. I subbed in various positions until that summer when I got a job teaching 1st grade at the Lummi Tribal School. It was in incredible experience, and I loved it! I was sad to leave, but we moved to Wilsonville, Oregon. I was a substitute teacher for a year which let me see a lot of school districts this area. Then in 1996 I was fortunate enough to get a job in the West Linn-Wilsonville School District. I was thrilled because I felt like this was the best school district around. I taught a 2/3 blend at Wilsonville Primary School until it closed in 2001. Then I had the honor of helping to open Boones Ferry Primary School. At that school, I either taught 2nd grade or I looped up to 3rd grade with my class. Now it is my pleasure to call Sunset Primary School my home away from home. I have taught a 1/2 blend, 2nd grade, and a 2/3 blend. No matter what I teach, I'm having a blast!

    The picture above captures three of my favorite things: spending time with my family, riding my horse, and being out in nature... especially up in the mountains. I also enjoy reading (yes - my name fits me), watching movies, and being active.