• Welcome Star Room Friends! We dream big and reach for the stars! We are a kind and caring community of joyful learners. You belong here!


    I have the best job in the world! I get to teach your children, watch them grow, and learn with them. Every year brings a unique combination of personalities and gifts to my door, and I am excited about the possibilities! I look forward to getting to know your child and building a strong partnership with you. This year will be an amazing journey!   

    Students and I will begin the year by pondering our district's mission statement/question - How do we create learning communities for the greatest thinkers and most thoughtful people...for the world? We will use our thoughts to create our class agreements, and then we'll work to fulfill our district mission each day. We will also be learning about each other. We'll find the things we have in common and celebrate our differences because they make each of us unique and special. We will laugh, sing, move, think, learn, ask questions, and have fun all year long. 

    I call our room the Star Room because I want students to reach for the stars. I want them to know their potential is limitless, and they can do whatever they put their mind to. I embrace our district's vision to educate the whole person intellectually, emotionally, physically and ethically and our district's goals and commitment to inclusion and equity. Those ideas will guide our daily activities as we study the academic standards for this grade, SEL (social emotional learning), art, identity, diversity, mindset, movement through brain-based exercises, and more. 

    I believe students benefit when the adults in their lives create a strong partnership. One step in doing that is to have clear communication, so please feel free to contact me. My contact information is below. If you have an urgent message, please call the office at 503-673-7200. This will ensure that I get any important information as I might not have time to check my voicemail or email until after the children have left for the day. I will primarily communicate with families via email, but I also enjoy talking with families in person and on the phone. 

    Tracie Reed
    503-673-7215 x4205