• Welcome to Mrs. Pesicka's 5th Grade

    The Pesicka family at a football game:  Aubrey, Ms. Pesicka, Austin, Mr. Pesicka and MaryAnn Meyers (Ms. Pesicka's Mom.)

    "A new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written."  Melody Beattle

         Each year a new beginning, a new journey, a destination unknown: my goal, in partnership with you, is to help your child reach their full potential as they grow as people and learners.  I have been working with students for almost 30 years.  My passion for learning with my students grows every day.  I am inspired and in awe of what a group of children can do when they are focused and motivated to learn.  Fifth grade is a milestone year.  The last year of primary school and the first path to middle school.  I am excited to be on this journey with you.

         In the photo, you will see the people who are at the center of my life:  my husband, Greg, daughter, Aubrey, my son Austin and my Mom.  They have taught me so much about loving unconditionally, working hard for what you believe in, that it is okay to make mistakes, to keep trying even when the going gets tough, that an "I'm sorry" goes a long way, there is always time to laugh, and it is okay to make a fool of yourself on the sidelines.  (Austin may disagree with that last statement.) 

         I look forward to meeting and working with my 5th grade families.  Let our journey begin!  - Rosalynn Pesicka -