• Hello!  hi Me!

    Yippee, you're here! Welcome to my math blog! I am Tzaddi Bacidi ... (zah-dee buh-see-dee ... you're welcome 😉). This is my second year at Athey Creek, but I'm no stranger to this amazing community -- I was a 5th-grade teacher at Stafford Primary for 11 years! I am soooo excited (and relieved) to have made the transition to middle school, already knowing so many of the students. What a difference this middle school transition has been compared to my original one, in the 80s! Ugh. 😂😳


    A little more about me:

    Before coming to Stafford, I taught at an international school in Kobe, Japan, where I was lucky enough to teach 5th graders from all over the world. After five amazing years living abroad, my partner and I decided that it was time to come back to the U.S. I am originally from Monterey, California, but after my parents moved to Bend, and my aunt and uncle moved to Portland, we decided to come check it out. It only took a day to fall in love with Portland and decide to call it home! However, during the winter, if you hear me grumbling about the incessant rain and cold ... those would be my California roots showing! Ha!

    Loves: singing (I used to sing in a band!), karaoke, musicals (currently I'm loving Hamilton and The Greatest Showman), movies (complete with Junior Mints and popcorn), iced vanilla lattes, swimming in ocean (NOT in Oregon! Brrr!), board games, pizza, sleep, traveling (I LOVE visiting different countries!), bookstores, and especially spending time with my partner and our 3-year old son, Quentin! ❤️

    I am really excited about this year - getting to teach math to 6th graders is such an AWESOME job!! We are going to have a FANTASTIC time thinking deeply, learning from our mistakes, embracing the struggle, supporting one another, and LOVING & learning math! 

    I'm looking forward to meeting you! 😁


    Tzaddi Bacidi