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    Sixth Grade:  Letter to 6th graders


    Seventh Grade:  Letter to 7th graders 


    Eighth Grade:  Letter to 8th graders



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    Information on class units:

    Under each grade, you'll see the what each unit is about and a code to that unit's google classroom.  When you join each unit's google classroom, you'll see the notes that you can use to help you on the assignments and prepare for any assessments.


    Information on grading:

    Grading will be based on the standards established by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).  There are specific levels of interpretation, interpersonal communication, and presentational communication that we will strive for.  For 6th grade, this will be at a Novice-Low benchmark, 7th grade will be at Novice-Mid benchmark, and 8th grade at Novice-High benchmark.  Each assignment and assessment will be graded as not (or close to) meeting/meeting/exceeding the standard established by the benchmark.  I will list the formative, and summative assignments/assessments based on reaching the established standard, but I will only give 1 final grade for the unit.  That grade will be in A, B, C, NP to match with traditional grading procedures.  I encourage you to see learning Spanish as trying to reach each benchmark as we travel along instead of just "getting a grade."