• Welcome to La Clase de Español!  Here you have the list of the units of study (each unit is named after a Spanish-speaking country) that we will be learning this year and a link to each of the notes you'll need to be successful.

     Country 1 - Mexico: Spanish language

    Overview - The purpose of this country is get introduced to what the Spanish-speaking countries are and why Spanish is spoken there.  We will also learn a little bit of where the Spanish language came from.  Then, we'll learn some teacher phrases that we'll be using through our time together.

    Google classroom code: vc5qb37



    Country 2 - Cuba: The basics

    Overview - The purpose of this country is to start learning the basic, everyday language in Spanish.  We'll focus on numbers, colors, days of the week, and months of the year.

    Google classroom code: 3nyrchq



    Country 3 - Costa Rica: Food

    Overview - The purpose of this country is to learn all about food!  We will learn a bunch of food vocabulary and focus on how to order food and share opinions on food.  We'll practice memorized phrases to help you order food when you're at a Mexican restaurant!

    Google classroom code: qafm6is



    Country 4 - Family

    Overview - The purpose of this country is to learn about family and body parts.  We'll focus on have/has and learn about masculine vs. feminine, and single vs. plural words.  

    Google classroom code: xvfo35e



    Country 5 - Bolivia: Descriptions

    Overview - The purpose of this country is to learn how to describe each other.  We will also focus on how to say I am, you are, he is, etc.

    Google classroom code: j6ynvip



    Country 6 - Uruguay: Activities we like / don't like to do.

    Overview - The purpose of this country is to learn about the different things people like to do and not like to do.  This is the jumping point to 7th grade Spanish - activities and action words.

    Google classroom code: cdfeo3n