• Welcome to La Clase de Español!  Here you have the list of the units of study (each unit is named after a Spanish-speaking country) that we will be learning this year and a link to each of the notes you'll need to be successful.

    Country 1 - Guatemala: Review of the Basics

    Overview - The purpose of this country is to start to get back all the things we learned in 6th grade.  We'll focus on all the basics and you'll be surprised how quickly it comes back!

    Google classroom code: qwbu6mj


    Country 2 - Nicaragua: Family

    Overview - The purpose of this country is to learn about family and review how we describe things.  We'll review am/is/are and have/has as well as the idea of masculine and feminine with adjectives and nouns.

    Google classroom code: 3ewwte4



    Country 3 - Panama: Feelings

    Overview - The purpose of this country is to expand our vocabulary on stating how we feel.  We will learn about two different ways to say I am, you are, he is, etc.  

     Google classroom code: 7opgxcc


    Country 4 - Venezuela: Clothing & Weather

    Overview - The purpose of this country is to learn about clothing and accessories, practicing how spanish works with nouns (masculine vs. feminine, single vs. plural).  Then, using our new clothing vocabulary, we'll talk about why we wear the clothes we do in certain types of weather and throughout the different seasons.

    Google classroom code: zyymglg


    Country 5 - Peru: Activities

    Overview - The purpose of this country is to learn all about things we do every day - verbs.  This is the most important unit of the year because every sentence has a verb in it, and how we treat verbs in Spanish is different than how we treat them in English.  After this unit, you're going to be feeling pretty awesome about how well you communicate! 

    Google classroom code: hoofm4e


    Country 6 - Argentina: Jobs & Careers

    Overview - The purpose of this country is to use our new verb vocabulary and learn about jobs and careers.  We'll learn about what different activities are required for different jobs, and grammatically we'll learn how to put two verbs together.  This will be a nice preview for 8th grade Spanish.

    Google classroom code: hb7ms2y