• Welcome to La Clase de Español!  Here you have the list of the units of study (each unit is named after a Spanish-speaking country) that we will be learning this year and a link all the notes you'll need to be successful.

     Country 1 - Dominican Republic - Review of the Basics

    Overview - The purpose of this country is to start to get back all the things we learned in 6th and 7th grade. We'll spend each day reviewing the basics and you'll see in no time how it will all come back.  The one thing new that we'll learn with this country is large numbers - numbers over 100 up to a billion.

    Google classroom code: 3oqkjl3


    Country 2 - Honduras: Sports and Activities

    Overview - The purpose of this country is to review verbs.  We'll focus on reviewing verb meanings and conjugations.  We'll use sports and activities to practice talking about what we do and how often we do it, and we'll learn specific sports/activities vocabulary.  After this unit, you'll see just how much communication you can do!

    Google classroom code: qp6g5l4


    Country 3 - El Salvador: Rural Places

    Overview - The purpose of this country is to learn about rural places.  This unit continues a review of 6th and 7th grade learning and then adding on to a deeper meaning.  We will focus on describing rural places in terms of weather, what it looks like, what people do there, and we'll continue the idea of SER vs. ESTAR and the idea of -ing words.

    Google classroom code: fphupxx


    Country 4 - Colombia: City Places

    Overview - The purpose of this country is to learn all about the city.  We'll learn vocabulary on buildings, shops, non-building places like parks and streets, and transportation.  We will focus a lot on cause and effect, including giving directions and learning phrases like I'm thirsty, I'm hot, etc., reviewing the verb TENER.  The other important piece of information is the verb IR, which means to go.  

    Google classroom code: u5hrbxx


    Country 5 - Chile: Food

    Overview - The purpose of this country is to learn all about food!  We will learn a bunch of food vocabulary and focus on how to order food and share opinions on food.  

    Google classroom code: z4q3gju


    Country 6 - Paraguay: Animals

    Overview - The purpose of this country is to learn all about animals.  This is a great review of body parts as well.  Also, as we are starting to get this whole Spanish thing down, we will focus on how to read non-fiction texts and using cognates and context to figure out what is being said, instead of trying to translate everything.  We'll end the year reading a silly, little book about a special animal in Ecuador.

    Google classroom code: 57jacfn